Here I go again


I really have no business starting another blog. The internet is littered already with my abandoned children. But it’s a compulsion I apparently cannot resist. Maybe someday I’ll get it right.

This one is mostly for myself- a place to ramble about my favorite thing; words. What I’ve read/am reading, what I’ve written/am attempting to write. It won’t be profound and maybe not even interesting, but if you’ve stumbled across it I’ll let you be the judge of that .


About Trish

I'm Trish. I'm random. Not very conventional/normal/sane. Mother of 2 boys,aged 22 and 9- married for 25 yrs, but still not quite grown up :P I'm a multi-media artist with a special passion for atc's, art-journals, and dolls! I love the queer and the quirky-art dolls of all breeds I'm an insatiable reader and I sometimes imagine myself a writer, though the muse is fickle :D

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